Turquoise Belt Buckle

About the turquoise belt buckle

The turquoise belt buckle is an enduring expression of Native American and Mexican culture. The turquoise belt buckle has as much history as any part of the Native American story. Turquoise belt buckles continue to be popular for men and women today.

History Lessons and the Turquoise Belt Buckle

Turquoise was mined by the Native Americans long before European and Spanish explorers decided to come America. Turquoise is easy to mine because it is close to the earth’s surface. Native Americans didn’t initially make turquoise belt buckles or any other kind of metal jewelry. The silversmith trade was taught to the Navajo by Spanish explorers. They learned how to cast silver in sandstone so that rings, bracelets, and turquoise belt buckles could be made. The Navajo tribe was responsible for teaching other Southwestern tribes the silversmith trade.

The Navajo and Zuni tribes began working together after the 1860’s to create beautiful jewelry. Turquoise is one of the softer stones, making it easy to manipulate for shaping and cutting. It’s believed by many that the Zuni silversmith, Keneshde, was the first Native American to set a turquoise stone in silver. Perhaps he was responsible for the very first Native American turquoise belt buckle!

The Turquoise Belt Buckle and the Meaning Behind Turquoise

Turquoise belt buckles could be considered to have a history as long as time itself because of the turquoise. Turquoise is referenced in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. The Persians had reverence for the stone, and it was highly valued by the Egyptians. The ancient Mexicans regarded it so highly, that it could only be given to the gods.

Native Americans have a legend that turquoise stones are tears of joy mixed with rain, that fell to the ground and were given as a gift from Mother Earth. A person wearing a turquoise belt buckle would be viewed as a blessed person who would live a long and healthy life.

The Turquoise Belt Buckle and the Internet

A turquoise belt buckle can be found on almost any website that handles Native American jewelry. A Mexican turquoise belt buckle will have a slightly different look than a turquoise belt buckle from the Southwest, but they all are stunning and unique. If there is a man in your life that enjoys jewelry, consider gifting him a turquoise belt buckle. The turquoise belt buckle makes a practical and beautiful gift.

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