Mens Turquoise Belt Buckles

about mens turquoise belt buckles

Where Mens Turquoise Belt Buckles Originated From

This would seem to have very little significance in any history other than perhaps ‘the history of practical things’, but the belt does play a distinct part in adornment. The earliest recorded belt buckle was during the Iron Age in the 7th century. This appears to be well- timed for when techniques that were used to perfect metalwork and the shaping of stone were at their earliest stage.┬áDuring the time, belts were made from straps of leather or fabric, and with the popularity of turquoise in eastern culture mens turquoise belt buckles were a possibility. The belt buckle was used to hold straps around objects such as shields when going into battle.

From the beginning, the idea behind these buckles and the belts they were made for, originated as mens fashion only. However, were practical over anything else. They were also used for straps that carried swords.

Mens Turquoise Belt Buckles in Native American Jewelry

The fashion of mens turquoise belt buckles are more of a product of southwestern Indian culture. While there are natural fabrics to create the straps from, the combined are of making leather helped to form the belt that mens turquoise belt buckles would have been for. The mining of turquoise was already well established on a scale that was enough for people to handle as it applied to the size of the tribe, or those that volunteer for it.

It was not until the mid-1800 that mens turquoise belt buckles became more popular. The fashion industry of the time flourished with the development of mass production equipment that could do more for a single man to seem as if many did it. Mens turquoise belt buckles relied on the turquoise to come from mine sources in California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona.

The existence of mens turquoise belt buckles before the 20th century is not very clear. Many are associated with women’s fashions. The designs for mens turquoise belt buckles are formed using animals and feathers and use a technique that bonded both turquoise and metal to make mens turquoise belt buckles. These might have been made as they were intended for more purposes of warfare for their weapons, to decorate their shields.

Mens Turquoise Belt Buckles Today

There is a market for southwestern wear that mens turquoise belt buckles seem to be designed for. This shows that turquoise can still be stylish in modern times. Bolo-ties are a good indication of a trend like mens turquoise belt buckles but with a smaller strap. In modern times, the descendants of the owner might care for mens turquoise belt buckles that were made at an earlier age as it applies to each tribe.

Mens turquoise belt buckles are also found in museums and catalogs as they are still made by a few select companies. Jewelers that custom make their own products would be better prepared to make mens turquoise belt buckles by request.

The turquoise belt buckles of today are still very significant in connecting the modern age with the past. The beauty of turquoise is still mesmerizing no matter how it is presented.

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